nourish videos

A few videos of the Nourish installation and details of the milk dripping. (Those of you who are my friends on facebook will find these redundant.)

 This installation was up for 48 hours. It took 20 hours to install and only 2.5 to uninstall and repaint the room. About 10 people saw it finished, including me.

I’m new enough to installation work that I still get kind of sad when it’s time to tear it all down–especially after such a short period of time. I assume this will pass, but then maybe it won’t. With painting, the objects of my labor still existed after I took them out of the gallery. That isn’t the case with installations, and really that’s the point, right? That they almost (almost) escape that commodity role of art by being ephemeral and experience-based? When they come down they can never be exactly recreated again; they are in some sense permanently destroyed. This willing destruction has a real push-pull effect on me and still kind of violates my notions of art, archivality, and work.  I love it.


2 thoughts on “nourish videos

  1. I like your work involving canning. I’ve been feeling the need to do some installation work with food that I can. How did you hang your jars for the red cross?

    1. Thanks. I made each jar a little wire harness that hid under the lid with a loop at the back for hanging. I’d love to see images of what you end up doing.

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