ideas, notions, and possibilities

Taking a moment to record ideas for future projects. Don’t steal them; they’re mine all mine. Besides, most aren’t worth stealing.

 1. Language of Love music videos.  The premise: Making music videos for pop songs in languages I don’t know. Using the tropes of pop music I’d guess at meanings and narratives and then make a music video for the song. Then I’d have the song transcribed and translated by a native speaker. The final presentation would be the video with the transcribed lyrics. I’d be interested to see how close and how off my interpretations would be.

2. Have a Hart. Premise: build a Hav-a-Hart trap for people. I’m interested in the way we think we know what’s best for people and the idea of constraining through kindness (elitism). Dehumanizing humanitarianism. Control. It might be funny to do it as a military operation–a tongue-in-cheek winning strategy for Afghanistan (putting traps around the mountains).

3. Catch. Premise: Large sheets of sticky fly paper hung in a gallery hung in a way that people have to navigate through them and hopefully get stuck. To play with creating anxiety by having the sheets fairly close together. To control movement. The sticky sheets would be made with acetate sheets (4x 7′) coated with homemade sticky solution that includes human pheromones. I’ve found out that one can purchase gay and straight pheromones which is fascinating to me.

4. Release. Premise: Video performance of me all bound up in sticky fly tape and using oil to work my way free. Thinking about it as giving myself permission to be me, to be fat, to be female–to be any of the things I feel are challenges.

5. Lure. Premise: To control a space; to play with the elitism inherent to the high art world that we want to pretend isn’t there. (Art for everyone, right?) To build primitive traps (based on old trapper designs–box traps, snares, pit traps) in a gallery space.

6. Zap. Premise: To control movement in a space under threat of pain/discomfort. To create anxiety. An area fenced-in with electrical fencing (perhaps in the shape of the word MINE or another word). I’m interested in the ways we obediently move through spaces by culturely understood cues. I wonder about combining or substituting elctric fence with velvet rope stanchions, or those black ones like at the airport. Stanchions always drive me crazy because I hate being corralled and that’s really the root of this project. We so often move obediently (forming lines, walking to the right, staying behind the line until called, etc)  that I wonder if it’s possible to get folks to become more aware of their movements.

7. There, there. Premise: New ways of spilling milk. A continuation of the nourish ideas, influenced by cool soda art I saw at PS1 by Alex Da Corte. A gallon of milk sitting on a sheet of plexi on the floor (though I guess it could hang). Pin holes poked into the bottom of the jug allow the milk to seep out and eventually cave in the jug. I’m interested to see if the plex’s surface tension is enough to contain the milk. If not a thin line of vaseline around the edge would do it. I’m thinking about this as part of an installation I may do at Antfarm for the March first friday. It would be accompanied by wall pieces containing words of comfort (there, there; don’t worry; I’m here; it’s going to be all right) and possibly a looping projected slide show of old family slides from the 50s. I guess I’m interested in a display of worry and care, in how small but how real our daily anxieties are, how perfunctory (glossy, media-produced) our compassion is.


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