bugging out about love

This post refers to the ideas, notions & possibilities post I did a couple weeks ago. I’ve since learned two things about making large sticky traps for people:

1) It is possible to buy nasty fly glue stuff by the gallon (I thought I was going to have to make it myself)

2) The science of commercially available human pheromone sprays has progressed since that last time I looked (which was about 15 years ago when I was an awkward teen looking for an advantage).

It turns out that the folks who sell fly strips are all pleased with themselves for putting fly pheromones in the glue for the sticky traps. They claim that the traps’ sexy smells attract more bugs. I can buy the glue sans bug love juice so I’m thinking it might be funny to put human pheromones in it–the quandary is that one can buy up to 4 different kinds of human pheromones depending on what gender is trying to attract what other gender (so man -> woman, woman -> man, man -> man, or woman -> woman). The possibilities have made me go cross-eyed trying to invent a logic for any combination of pheromone types. I’m starting to lean toward psuedo-mones and just saying they’re in there.

She wants your bod. Oh yes she does.

Or maybe I should use these sticky traps to test out different perfumes and colognes? Axe and BOD have staked million dollar advertising campaigns on the notion that their products make men irresistible to women. Hmmmm.


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