there, there: an installation (part 2)

Today I continued to clean things and transport them to Antfarm. I see the mailman just delivered my second slide projector, which is exciting! Now if only that cookie jar would show up… 

A couple quotes about old things and remembering:

Forgetting… is the great private problem of man; death as the loss of self. But what of self? It is the sum of everything we remember. Thus, what terrifies us about death is not the loss of future but the loss of past. Forgetting is a form of death ever present in life. (Milan Kundera)

Like a photograph, the drawer of saved objects functions as a space between life and death… Collecting these objects in the nooks and crannies of our homes keeps them and our memories and ourselves alive. Objects keep death away by helping us to remember… I am so afraid of forgetting. (Carol Mavor, Becoming)


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