mfa thesis project in progress

scale model with didactic signage (signage will likely go away)

I’m going to go ahead and post pictures of the scale model I constructed, attempting to firm up my plans for my mfa thesis exhibition this May @ ICA in Portland ME.

trial run of casting my face and inserting glass eyes for the taxidermied obeast.

In the center of the installation is a life-sized taxidermied obeast diorama that I’m working on right now. Behind and around the sculpture I will paint an obeast evolution chart onto the gallery wall, showing the animal’s development from a 11-foot manatee like critter to the obeast as it exists today. Also present in this space will be ambient nature sounds including obeast calls. Scale is really important to me for this installation–specifically the relationship and scale of the viewers’ own bodies to that of the work. Originally I had thought to have didactics throughout the space, but I have reconsidered this in favor of stripping it down and challenging the viewers more. I may have brochures available in the space that talk about the obeast, but I’m not sure.

obeast evolution chart



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