mine & bawdy

I like making earrings a hobby and side source of income. To me, earrings are the perfect gift/accessory: they are affordable, versatile, and small yet visible enough to add a subtle splash of personality to any outfit. In 2006, I started making and selling simple gemstone earrings in galleries and shops across the southeast US.

Last fall, I began working on a new line that jived more with my sense of humor, as well as aesthetic and regular art practice. The result is a line I’m calling Mine & Bawdy. These earrings are made with artist-grade shrink plastic, printed with images of historic photos from the Library of Congress re-imagined with animal characters. I like to think that I’m revising American history, one pair at a time.

As of next week, Mine & Bawdy earrings will be available at The Collectors Gallery and Designbox, both in Raleigh NC. They are available wholesale for galleries and boutiques (if you know anyone who might be interested). I might give in and do an Etsy page for them if there’s enough interest.


3 thoughts on “mine & bawdy

  1. These are great Rachel! i’d love to see an etsy shop – but then again, Id be fine with some pics and a price list as well :).

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