Mine & Bawdy: now in technicolor!

Whew! The semester just wrapped up at the university where I work, which means that I now have time to catch up on my shameless self-promotion (aka: my art career).

Item 1. There are new colorful offerings from Mine & Bawdy. I’ve been hand-painting with nifty results. And while it’s kind of fun to do this and try out new things, I can see how small children get roped into this kind of work. If I had one, I might exploit those little fingers too. I digress; please check out my Etsy store for earrings that look like candy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MineandBawdy

Item 2. I got good feedback about the upcycled earrings I did for Earth Day, so I’ve made more. Those can also be found on the Etsy site. Something really fun about them is the way they mimic leather, but aren’t. Also, they satisfy that voice in my head that chides “Waste not, want not.” Wait… is that you in there, dead Gramma?

UPDATE: I just sold another pair of the upcycled earrings while I was writing this post! Better get yours while the getting is good!

Here’s a peek of what you might see if you visited my Etsy store:


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